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Bakuman Season 2 Episode 25

Mashiro changes the character design while Takagi struggles with naming the 3 characters and a possible new title. Orihara comes back as assistant + 2 new ones: Moriya and Shiratori. Those 2 argue if sales or treating it like an art is better for a manga. Mashiro tells them he and Takagi draw with sales in their minds, because they’re not yet good enough to draw something that has true cultural value, saying that everyone should draw the way they want to. Takagi decides on the title; “Perfect Crime Party”, aka “PCP”. Meanwhile Fukuda is working on Road Racer Buchigiri. Everyone is curious how the votes will be with PCP as a story based manga against the intense and flashy Road Racer. In the end “Perfect Crime Party” gets 1st place and gets a total of 422 votes, amazing the editors because CROW “only” got 401 and +Natural 310 votes on their first chapter. The achievement is especially good since CROW didn’t have a one shot like Road Racer to compete with at the time. Fukuda’s Road Racer gets serialized too. Hearing +Natural dropped to the 8th place, Iwase gets fired up, as does Niizuma. At the end Mashiro, Takagi and Hattori visit Mashiro uncle’s grave. Mashiro tells him he finally got 1st place and we see his uncle ‘answering’ that it should be a given and that when he truly becomes number one, he should come back again, but he smiles proudly.

Mar. 24, 2012